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Our speaker enclosures employ solid hardwood and the best in driver technology to offer a more immersive sound, indoors or out doors.

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Rugged, weather-resistant, enduring. Words to describe camping gear. Right? Except in this case these words refer to our speakers which offer these qualities in addition to the excellent performance of sound reproduction. With our rugged solid mahogany speakers you will enjoy the “BIG BAND” sound you listen to indoors “outdoors” from backyard barbecues to steam rooms, pools and saunas.

Chances are you’ll come in out of the rain before our speakers.


The impressive performance of the 4 Ohm HS-12ME speaker maintains a 92db SPL @ 1w1m, 40 to 19,000 Hz ± 3db as measured in an average room.  The ability of our speakers to endure an RMS rating of 80 watts continuous (25 min – 300 max) only typifies the quality and precision that goes into the HS-12ME speaker.


Here are just a few of the many features of the HS-12ME speaker that you will enjoy for many years to come:
• The speaker cabinet measures 7-1/2” Thick, 8-1/8” Wide and 12-1/2” High
• The complete assembly weighs approximately 10#
• Interior and exterior edges are rounded
• Epoxy adhesive to ensure weather resistant qualities
• Speaker (driver) is recessed into the front panel
• 45° mitered corners – 3/8” dado for both the front and rear panels
• Adhering to the highest standards in cabinet joinery and assembly
• Front grill on the speaker (driver) enhancing the overall appearance
• Weather-resistant pre and post-finish providing for optimal protection
• Features the DC GOLD AUDIO N54R audio 5-1/4” classic black driver


Our speakers can be powered with an optional Lepai’s LP40PA mini plate amplifier
• Connecting your favorite devices is effortless with both Bluetooth 4.2 and 3.5 mm stereo inputs (replaces direct wired).
• This 2 x 20 watt RMS class D amplifier provides plenty of power for this pair of bookshelf speakers.
• A typical modification converts one (RIGHT) speaker from passive to active – the optional (LEFT) speaker would remain passive.


Weather Resistant


Key Benefits

All speakers fall into one of two categories: active or passive. How they’re classified depends on their relationship to the amplifier/receiver/device driving them.
A passive speaker doesn’t have a built-in amplifier; it needs to be connected to your amplifier/receiver/device through normal speaker wires. This speaker output level signal has to be amplified enough to drive the speakers sufficiently.
Active speakers have a built-in amplifier and are fed by a low-level (line-level) signal passed along an interconnect cable (or Bluetooth transmitter) originating at your preamplifier, amplifier, receiver or device. Because the internal amplifier is an active electronic device, it needs power, and so you have to put any active speakers near a power outlet.

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